Best Friend Sleep Over Sex

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Best Friend Sleep Over Sex

The changing room was hot and steamy, the floor slippery. John and Peter had volunteered to put the goals and the footballs away after the school training session and had missed the rest of the team, they had already left the changing room when the two 18 year olds came in from the field. 

The boys had been best friends ever since their first day of school years before, they did everything together, rode to school on their bikes, played football, basketball, computer games, they were always at each others houses, but this was the day that their relationship moved to a whole new level. Both boys were hot and sweaty from running around for an hour. John grabbed his towel from his /gym/">gym bag and started to take his kit off, Peter was doing the same. John wrapped the towel around him and headed for the showers, he let the water run, bring the hot water through the pipes, he took off the towel, /hung/">hung it on a hook and stepped under the hot water. A moment later and Peter was under his own shower, John sneaked a look at the naked body of his friend. 

John thought that Peter was amazing, tall, /athletic/">athletic, and he had a /dick/huge-dick/">huge dick that John would give anything to stroke. However John was terrified that Peter would find out that he was gay and that he?d had a secret crush on Peter for a couple of years. John turned away and pressed the soap dispenser and started washing his body. John didn?t know it but Peter then checked him out, virtually the same thoughts were running through Peter?s head, could he tell him? How would he react? He couldn?t risk it. John looked over his shoulder, just as Peter turned his head. John had to get out of the shower fast, he was getting a hard on just thinking about Peter, let along showering next to him. Both boys rushed to dry off, both boys sneaking looks when the other wasn?t looking. They had to rush, it was Friday afternoon and John was staying at Peters for the weekend. 

Peter?s parents were both doctors and were away a lot, they travelled to medical conventions around the world, which constantly left Peter on his own, he didn?t mind, John only lived a couple of doors away and his mum checked in on him and made his dinner or he ordered a pizza or something, when his parents were away, John often stayed over. 

His parents left at five and John was over at half past with his bag, they went straight up to Peters room, John had brought over sweets, a few games and a porn video. They put the video on and pressed play, Peter was excited, he had seen a few /erotic/erotic-videos/">erotic videos but never a proper porno, John had gotten it off his older brother, or more likely stolen it out of his room and made a copy Peter thought. The boys sat on the edge of Peters double bed and watched as a women introduced herself, she started to massage her breasts and then finger herself, a moment later a huge guy was behind her, kissing her neck, he turned her over, he was naked, and he had a huge dick, both boys instantly felt themselves grown hard underneath their jeans. John shifted uncomfortably, Peter noticed. 

?This is fucking awesome, I already have a raging hard on.? He said, wondering what the reaction would be. John laughed. 
?Yeah me too, I feel like I could fuck right now!? John announced. The guy on screen was being given a hand job by the women, John felt for his own dick over his jeans and grabbed it. ?Jesus, this is good.?
Peter had watched John grab his dick; he had taken an inward breath in excitement. He made a decision, he unzipped the front of his jeans and slipped his hand inside, under his boxers and took a firm hold of his penis, and slowly he started to rub. John instantly noticed and was mesmerised, he decided to do the same. The boys sat on the edge of the bed, low moans coming from their mouths, as they watched the guy /girl/fuck-girl/fuck-the-girl/">fuck the girl six ways from Sunday. Peter eased himself further up the bed and opened his bedside table drawer. He pulled out a box of tissues. 
?If were doing this we might as well do it right.? 
?Okay.? John said, wondering exactly what ?doing it right? meant.
Peter placed the box in the middle of the bed, he had started this and he had to see if it would lead anywhere. He undid his jeans properly and pulled them down, revealing his boxers. He took off his t-shirt to reveal his tight hairless firm chest, John groaned as he pulled his dick under his jeans, he stood and took of his shirt and jeans as well. Both lay on the bed in their boxers, jacking themselves to the video. 
?Don?t think this weird, but I don?t want to cum in my boxers, I am going to take them off.? John told Peter, Peter reacted before John could do anything by pulling down his own boxers and grabbing hold of his smooth long dick and wanking even harder than before, all John wanted to do was lean over and grab it. He pulled down his boxers and took hold of his own pulsating penis, then he saw Peter look over, their was longing on his face, in that instant both boys knew. 

John made the first move, he chanced it. 
?Can I touch it?? He asked quietly. Peter sexxxx video ful hd was stunned for a moment.
?Yeah, of course.? Instantly John reached out and took hold of his best friends dick, it was rock hard in his hand, he let his hand slide up and down, bring the foreskin right back over the head and back again, Peter let out a load moan of pure pleasure. The boys had imagined this moment for a long time, they had had dreams about it, they had jacked off to thoughts of the other. John was beating his friends dick as hard as he could, Peter took a huge breath, he legs raised off the bed slightly, his back arched, he groaned. ? I am cumming?? His spunk flew from his dick up into the air and landed on his chest, a half second later another shot landed on his belly and the third landed on his neck. John let go, when Peters hard on started to grow soft. 
?That was fantastic.? Breathed Peter, he was hot and sweaty. John lay back down on the bed, his dick still rock hard. Peter saw and moved over the bed, so that he was sitting over Johns legs, he took hold of his friends nine inch monster and started to jack him off, but that wasn?t enough, after a few seconds, Peter lowered his head, John had his eyes closed, Peter opened his mouth and took Johns dick. John opened his eyes, to see Peters mouth moving up and down on his dick, cum was dripping off Peter onto him, he loved it. He groaned, he knew that it would be moments until he came. 

Peter loved the smell and the taste of John, he licked around the head, up the shaft, his fingertips played with the ball sac, he was doing xxx sex video download free com exactly like the woman had done on the video that was still playing. He ran his tongue over the head again and gobbled the dick in his mouth, sucking and licking for all his might. 

?I am gonna cum.? John said, in-between moans of /ecstasy/">ecstasy. Peter didn?t back away, he wanted to taste the cum, he clamped his lips over the head and sucked on, a moment later and hot juicy cum hit the back of his throat, in a moment his mouth was filling, after a few seconds, Peter let go and moved back up over John, he lowered himself, and kissed him hard on the mouth, his mouth still full of Johns cum, it bubbled over his lips, into Johns mouth, their tongues mingling with the hot salty juice. 
?My god, I never thought it would be that great.? John exclaimed a minute later, both boys lay side by side looking up at the ceiling. 
?Yeah I know, I guess that our mutual secret is out.?
?When did you know I liked you?? John asked. 
?About half an hour ago, but I have fancied you for about a year, I just never had the courage to tell you, I thought that you were straight.? 
?I thought that same about you, I guess now we know better,? He paused ?Peter,? he said ?I am gay.? It was an enormous relief just to be able to say it to someone, let along the boy that had just blown him. 
?Yeah me too,? he laughed ? how long have you known about yourself?? 
?All my life I knew I was different, I just didn?t know what it was until the last couple of years, everyone else started getting interested in girls, I just liked the boys.?

?Do you want to go a bit further?? Peter asked nervously. 
?You mean, me give you a blow job or we have sex?? 
?Why can?t we just do both?? Johns eyes went wide and he nodded. Peter moved over the bed and again opened his drawer, he pulled out a pack of three condoms, John recognised the pack, he had a similar pack at home, they had been given out at school. 

?We?ll need some lubricant, do you have anything?? Peter nodded, he went to his bathroom and brought back a bottle of sun cream. 
?This will work, how should we??? 
?You go first, here hand me the bottle.? Peter passed him the bottle, John had read enough on the internet and in chat rooms to know how this was done, he flipped the lid on the bottle and squeezed it into his hand while Peter slid on the condom to his rock /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick. John slid his hand around his ass and smothered his hole with cream, he poked his finger inside, so that he would be wet, he grabbed Peters covered dick and poured the cream over it. He closed the cap and rolled over on the bed. 

Peter climbed on top and spread Johns smooth legs, John grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled them wide, Peter guided his dick into Johns /asshole/">asshole, it was very tight, but after a moment, he managed to get his head through the hole, John gasped, the pain hit him in a wave to be replaced by one of pleasure. 
?Want me to stop?? Peter asked alarmed. 
?No, just take it easy at first, okay, let me get used to it.? Peter did as he was told, slowly he slid his dick in and stayed there for a few moments, slowly and gently he started to rhythmically move in and out of John?s ass. Slowly John started to move as well, pushing himself harder on to Peter?s dick. Peter stared to pound harder and harder, it wasn?t long before he erupted again, he was exhausted, he lay over John with his dick still inside of him. A minute later he pulled out, and used a tissue to remove the condom, John rolled over. He was covered in sweat, just as Peter was, he started licking Peters chest, his nipples, his neck, liking the remaining cum off. 

Peter found the condom pack and handed it to John. 
?Your turn.? He grinned ?/fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-hard/">fuck me hard!? John pulled on the condom, and also grabbed the cream, he pulled Peter in closer, he lifted his legs, John was standing on the floor, with Peters legs over his shoulders, Peters ass hung over the edge of the bed, John smothered him in cream and poked his fingers and then his thumb up into Peters ass, Peter let out a moan of pain, then smiled up at John. John worked Peters ass like a pro, getting more and more cream into him. He closed the cap on the bottle and guided his dick into Peter. 

Peter shuddered in pain but it only lasted for a few seconds, John went slowly, so that Peter could relax properly, but within a minute was giving him the full length of his dick, his balls slapping on Peters ass. 
?Harder, harder.? Peter shouted, by now they were entwined, chest-to-chest, /cum/red-cum/covered-in-cum/">covered in cum, sweat and salvia. John could feel his orgasm building inside Peter?s tight virgin ass, he kept sliding in as deeply as he could, and suddenly it hit him. His ass tensed, his back arched, he grabbed Peter tightly around the back of the head and around his chest, thrusting deeper still, he shot his load and groaned loudly, he carried on for a few more moments, then pulled out. He flung himself on the bed and took off the condom and wrapped it in a tissue and flung it on the floor, Peter rested his head on his shoulder. 

They lay like that, hot, sweaty, recovering from their intense session for about an hour, the light breeze from the half open window cooling their naked bodies. 
?Come on lets take a shower, and then we can try out your sucking techniques?? He grinned at John. 
?Alright then, tomorrow we?d better get more condoms, I think were going to need them this week end.?