Slutty Cum Drenched Girlfriend

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Slutty Cum Drenched Girlfriend

My girlfriend, Serena, is fuck /crazy/">crazy! She can’t get enough of my cock, sucking it, licking it, sticking it up her arse, then back in her mouth, no holes barred and she lets me come anywhere I like. She’s a really small Indian girl, just over five feet, little but perfectly formed pert titties, an arse to die for, perfectly rounded and a neatly trimmed utterly lickable /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy. I think I might be the luckiest man alive.

A few days ago she woke me by sitting on my face and giving me the most amazing blow job. She stuck her arsehole right on my nose with her pussy resting on my chin. I love the smell of her arse and she knows it, I came in a second and, as always she swallowed almost all of it allowing a little bit to dribble down her chin. She stood up and rubbed my spunk around her mouth, then whispered in my ear ’I want you to fuck me outside.’ I was up, showered and ready within minutes and we were on our way to the common.

She wore a little dress that hardly covered anything, a pair of sandals and nothing else. Almost every man we passed had another glance at her as she walked past and I must admit, it turned me on thinking every male wanted to fuck my beautiful girlfriend’s pussy or lick her arsehole, come on her face’ all of which I do on a regular basis. All the while she whispered things in my ear ’

’I want to feel your cock in my pussy’

’I want to lick my cunt juice from your dick’

’I want to taste your come’. All of which was making it extremely difficult to walk but we weren’t far from the common and I knew my cock was going to be pumping inside her in minutes.

We found a secluded area where we were hidden by long grass. She looked around and, seeing that nobody was watching, she stood with her back to me, pulled up her dress to reveal her /cute/">cute little arse, put her middle finger in her mouth, licked it and slid it from her pussy to her arsehole, never averting her gaze from mine. She played with her little hole a while then ordered me to lie down and take my trousers off. I did as I was told and my cock was standing to attention. She then slid her dress up over her head and threw it to the side, pulled her ass cheeks apart and told me to sniff her arsehole. Twice in one day I’d had her arse in my face and it smelt like heaven. I nuzzled my nose right into her crack and inhaled her scent.

’That’s it baby, smell it now ’cos it’s gonna smell of your spunk later.’

She then moved her way down, straddled me reverse cowgirl position, took my cock in her hand and slid it into her /wet/pussy-wet/dripping-wet-pussy/">dripping wet pussy. She started pistoning up and down on my cock. She leaned back and told me pull her arse cheeks apart.

’Stick your thumb inside my arse’ she wwwxxx said.

I offered my thumb to her and she obligingly licked it readying it to stick inside her invitingly open arsehole. She slammed her cunt down onto my cock as my thumb entered her from behind. I love pulling her cheeks apart so I can clearly see her arsehole while my cock slides in and out of her gaping, wet pussy and I know she loves the feeling of it as her moans always get louder the more I stretch her cheeks. I knew I wouldn’t last very long with the horny sight in front of me and as soon as Serena started coming it took every ounce of strength to stop myself from shooting my load inside her.

She’s always loud when she comes and even though we were outside it didn’t stop her from screaming as she pumped my dick, tempting me to milk it inside her. She collapsed from the force of her orgasm and lay there with her arse sticking up in the air. She turned her head towards me, her hair all over her face, grabbed her arse and pulled her cheeks apart.

’Come all over my arse, baby’ she said.

So I knelt behind her and pumped my cock inside her a couple of more times then pulled out, aiming at her glorious hole. I came like a train, spunk spattering over her arsehole, her cheeks and her hands. She scooped some of it up, sliding her hand across her butt and lapped it up with her tongue.

Suddenly from behind me I heard some applause. Shocked, I turned round to see three men enjoying the show. I was a little embarrassed but Serena didn’t seem phased at all. She stayed in position and even started rubbing my spunk into her crack. What she did next shocked the hell out of me. She turned to the three boys, her hands still holding apart her arse cheeks, and said

’the first one to lick this spunk from my arse gets to fuck it’ if that’s alright with you?’ she enquired of me.

’Sure’ I said, although I wasn’t.

The idea of men wanting to fuck her turned me on but I was unsure whether I could actually go through with watching a complete stranger sticking his cock inside her. I thought, what the hell, and decided to see how things went. Instantly, the tallest of the three knelt behind Serena and put his hand between her legs and began to rub my spunk into her arse and pussy before sniffing his fingers.

’Lick my arsehole!’ Serena commanded.

So he knelt behind her and began tonguing around her arse, rimming her beautiful puckered little ring. Most of my spunk had been rubbed into her skin but there were still drops of it around her pussy and arse. I remember thinking this boy must be really turned on to lick another man’s spunk from a woman’s arse but she was such a horny sight, bent over like that, her body glistening with sweat that I imagined I’d have done the same. She writhed around, rubbing her hole onto his tongue.

’John,’ she said to me ’come over here and hold my arse open so this boy can stick his cock inside it.’

I did exactly what she asked of me while the boy positioned himself to fuck my beautiful girlfriend’s tight little arsehole. His cock wasn’t massive but it was bigger than mine and she gasped as the tip of his helmet nuzzled against her crack, then the wwwxxx she let out a whimper as he pushed the tip of it inside her. I decided to help a little and spat a wad of spit onto her arse crack. It trickled down to her hole and made the guys cock glisten as he forced his prick inside her.

It was such a turn on watching my girlfriend being violated like this, her ring stretching around this stranger’s member. He was easing it in slowly while I pulled her cheeks wider and wider until eventually he was inside her to the hilt. She arched her back and gasped.

Meanwhile his two friends had moved to Serena’s side and were tugging at their cocks’. The shortest of the three, amazingly, had a massive member and he was stroking it slowly just above Serena’s head, the other guy was pawing at her body, caressing her back, her neck, her tits before /tickling/">tickling the entrance to her arsehole while his mate’s cock slid in and out of it, rubbing my come and spit into her crack. His cock was erect but thin and long.

’Fuck my arse hard!’ she barked.

So the guy grabbed her hips and started slamming into her, almost entirely pulling himself out before ramming it back inside her. The guy that had been pawing at her had began to rub his cock all over her back, leaving trails of pre-come everywhere. I noticed that she’d also started scratching at the balls of the other guy. He was grabbing at her hair and trying to get her to suck his cock. I know how much she likes sucking cock and was surprised she was refusing, but she had different ideas.

’The first cock in my mouth is gonna be the one that’s sticking up my arse’ she said.