Our First Time With Another BiCouple

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Our First Time With Another BiCouple

I have had you could say a longing for another man’s cock in my mouth for a long time. I would always sneak a look in the locker room at school and couldn’t wait until I got home to masturbate to what I just had seen. I loved the look and feel of my own. But I knew I could never act on this feeling. I was married now. I could never cheat on my wife. Especially with another man. That would break her heart.

This was eating my inside. It seemed the older I got the more obsessed I got. I had a stash of /gay/gay-porn/">gay porn in the house where no one would find it. I kept thinking that the thought would go away but it didn’t. I would check out everyman that would walk buy and kept thinking how good his cock would feel in my mouth. I would look at mine and /master/">master ways to give me the maximum pleasure in case I ever got with a man I would know how to please him.

Me and my wife where in the video store one night and as a joke I said to her, ’Hey let’s check out what’s behind the curtain?’ That was the XXX section. I thought she would just say NO! Turns out I was wrong. She led me into the area and there was another couple looking at videos when we walked in they quickly grabbed something and left. My wife was curios at what type of video they were looking at. She looked at me with a smile. ’Check this out. They took a bisexual /movies/xxx-movie/">xxx movie. How kinky is that?’ She said

Bells and sirens were going off in my head. I had to stay calm. This was the first opening in my life where I could get my wife thinking about sleeping with another man. She looked at me with a little grin on her face. ’What’s going through that little mind of your honey?’ I said. She told me that she had always wanted to see to guys fuck each other. I couldn’t believe my wife was telling me this. How the hell did I not know about this sooner? I told her that we can get it for her but don’t expect me to watch it.

She didn’t hesitate. We left the store with a movie called /first-time/">first time bi. It was suppose to be a /reality/reality-movie/">reality movie about couples who have their first time with another man or woman for the first time in their relationships. I thought it would be good. I was right. My wife ran inside and started the movie without even waiting for me. I pretended to just sit there and be bored. But when I was watching another man suck on another man’s dick. I slightly moved.

My wife must have noticed. She slid a little closer. Now the two men were both fucking the girl on the screen. I watched my wife slide her hand down her track pants and start rubbing herself. What the fuck is going on. I couldn’t believe that this was my wife. Now one of the guys was standing in front of the other receiving a fantastic blow job as the other man continuously fucked the woman. I started rubbing the side of my pants. My wife noticed again and moved closer.

She was right next to me now and replaced my hand with hers and started talking dirty in my ear. ’You want that cock don’t you? I see the way you are looking at it. You would like to suck another man’s cock wouldn’t you? ’I couldn’t stop myself. I finally came free and started nodding my head yes. She pushed me down and took my cock out and started sucking it. She was working the shaft up and down with her hands and sucking just the head. Every now and then she would swallow me whole and tickle my balls with her tongue. I loved it when she did this.

Then she stopped. I looked and her as if to say what the fuck? She stood up in front of me and told me that we were not having sex until I fucked another man with her. I couldn’t believe it. I was finally going to do what I have always wanted. Then I started second guessing myself. Is this what I really wanted? What if it was too weird to watch my wife with another man? That’s when it hit me. Do the same as one of the couples in the movie did. Get together with another bi couple.

When I dropped the movie of the young guy behind the counter was talking with this /blonde/blonde-girls/sexy-blonde-girl/">sexy blonde girl. I know I have gay tendencies but this chick was hot. I couldn’t take my eyes of her. I was embarrassed with the movie that I had in my hand so I quickly dropped it of in the chute and left. When I was leaving the store I could see that they were both looking at the movie. I was going to say something but just left.

That night I started surfing the net. I was looking at every bi couple website I could find. Nothing really jumped out at me until I was about to log out when I saw two familiar faces. It was the couple from the video store. I started looking at some of the risqu’ photos. I have to tell you. Seeing him with another man’s cock in his mouth and her been taken by two guys while eating another woman’s pussy was enough for me. I took my cock out and masturbated until I released the tension that was building up.

I messaged them straight away. I could see that they were online but got no response. I waited another ten minutes and nothing. I could still see that they were online so I thought I will try once more, but this time I told them that it was the guy from the store this morning who dropped of the Bi XXX movie and wanted to know if they were willing to show me and my wife a good time. Two seconds later they gave me their home address and phone number.

I organised drinks and dinner at their house on Thursday. I told my wife that we had new clients from work that wanted to invite us over for dinner. My wife loved stuff like that. She would do anything to get out of the house. Only if she knew. Once we got there Steve’s wife Angela opened the door and introduced themselves to my wife and I. (she told me later she found that strange that they were introducing themselves to me when she thought I already met them). I told Steve that my wife doesn’t know what is going on that he and his wife were new clients at my work.

We all got along well at dinner and had a few more drinks. Steve kept finding a way to keep brushing pass me and rubbing me without anyone seeing him. I looked over and could see my wife sitting right next to Angela. Angela was whispering something in her ear that startled her. I saw her eyes open wide but she didn’t panic. Angela’s hand then slowly ran up my wife’s arm and then to her breast. She leaned back and exposed her neck and chess to Angela.

Steve now didn’t was anytime. He walked straight up behind me and grabbed my cock through my pants. He started getting a little rough. I loved it. He turned me around and all I could see was this man standing in front of me naked. He slowly pushed me down. I was finally face to face with what I have always wanted. I took it slowly in my hand and moved up and down the shaft. I leaned forward and licked the head of the penis. The taste was a little weird but I could get use to it.

I heard moans coming from behind me and turned around to see my wife laying back on the couch with another woman with her head at her vagina pushing in as far as her tongue would go and using her other had to rub the top of her clit. She opened her eyes and looked at me with a smile. She was in heaven. I then felt a hand on the back of my head making sure I focus my attention to the /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock that was in front of my.

I went back to work straight away. Remembering what my wife had previous done to me. I would do the same. I was licking up and down the shaft and then forcefully putting it in my mouth and vigorously attacking his cock. I was all over the place but from the reaction that I was getting he wasn’t complaining. He then started pumping his cock into my mouth over and over. I could hear him moaning louder and louder. The two girls now had all their attention focussed on us. I could see my wife from the corner of my eye fingering herself furiously.

Then the moaning was at an all time high. He started bucking and I felt the first wave hit the top of my mouth. I closed my mouth around his cock and kept sucking not to lose anything. I have waited to do this for so long I was going to make the most of it. He couldn’t believe that I was still sucking after he had stopped. I then continued to clean him with my tongue once he was finished. He buckled at the knees and sat down on the couch next to my wife and his.

The girls looked at us and his wife walked over to me and started kissing me. I pulled back to check with Joe and she was smiling at me as if to say it was O.K. Things started to heat up and she had her hand on my cock and was pumping it then just slid straight down and was sucking on it as if it was the last time she ever would get to do this. I was loving it. She kept spitting on it over and over. I found that weird but then I knew why.

Steve rolled over on the couch and she walked me by my cock over to him and guided me towards his entrance. My wife was loving every second of this. She came over and helped Angela. Steve pushed back on me and I slowly slid straight in. He started pushing back on me telling me it was O.K to start fucking him and I did. It felt great. I would look down and see myself penetrating another man’s ass and it looked and felt natural. My wife slid underneath and watch me fuck another man.

Angela pushed Steve’s head down to Joe’s pussy. He must have been a master at what he was doing because Joe was screaming with pleasure. Then I heard muffled sounds. I looked down to see the hottest thing. I was fucking this man and my wife was sucking his cock. It was great. I still couldn’t believe it was happening but there was my wife with another man’s cock in her mouth. Angela was now joining her husband lick my wife’s pussy. This made me fuck him harder and harder.

I wanted to cum inside him like I do with my wife. I started picking the pace up more moaning. Then something strange happen. Angela told us all to stop. I couldn’t believe it. I was not happy. She took my wife into the other room and when they came back I knew what was next. My wife had a strap on that was around 8inches long and 5inches round. She came over to me and told me to suck her cock. I was turned on more than I have ever been. I went to work.

After about five minutes of this Joe got behind me and lubricated the strap on and slowly started to penetrate my virgin ass. Two weeks ago I thought my wife was just your normal typical wife and now she is fucking my ass with a strap on. How great is marriage. She was halfway in and it started to hurt. She waited a couple of minutes and then tried again. This time it was all the way. It felt great rubbing against my prostate. A feeling that you cannot describe until it is done to you.

Once she built up momentum Steve and Angela got down in front of me and started giving me head. They both were fighting to have a piece of my cock. They were on either side slowly sliding up and down and would meet at the head of my cock and use their tongues to increase my pleasure. Angela now crawled into a doggystyle position underneath me. Steve stayed underneath and guided my cock into his wife’s cunt. Now it was pleasure overload

My wife was talking dirty into my ear behind me. ’You like it when I fuck you don’t you. Don’t you!’ I could only moan to her response the pleasure was too much for me. I saw Steve stand up now and I thought to myself please bring that cock over here. It was just like the scene from the movie. I was fucking his wife my wife was fucking me and here was Steve standing over his wife and I was sucking that magnificent cock.

I kept focusing on Angela. She was so hot. I love my wife and for all those who do get the chance to have sex with other couples, it’s like getting a new toy when you are a kid. You always like to put the old one down and pick up the new one and play with it as long as you can. That is what I was doing now. Fucking this woman knowing that this might not happen again.

My wife put her head next to mine and shared Steve’s cock with me. Every time she took it in her mouth I concentrated on fucking Angela harder. I could not believe how tight her pussy was. I felt it the whole way down and every time I pulled back towards me. Steve told us that he was about to cum again. I thought that this wasn’t fare. This is his second time and I still haven’t yet. My wife and I loved it. He started masturbating his cock and we both had our mouths open like to little baby sparrows waiting for our turn to be fed. We didn’t have to wait much longer.

Steve was going back and forwards between my wife’s mouth and mine. The taste didn’t bother me so much now. What was great about it was my wife was still fucking me and I was still fucking Angela and swapping Steve’s cum with my wife. This was finally too much for me. blowjob porn videos I knew I was going to cum. I started moaning and told Angela to get ready. Steve told me to cum in her. I wasn’t sure that this was something that I wanted to do. Joe told me she was O.K with it.

It wasn’t much longer and the waves of pleasure just kept on coming. It went for ever. As soon as I pulled out of his wife. Steve had milf porn videos his mouth around my cock cleaning it. It felt great. Angela laid back on the couch and motioned for my wife to come over. She took off the strap on and crawled over to her. Angela said to Joe. ’My husband is cleaning your husband’s cock. I think you should clean your husband’s dirty work.’ Joe didn’t hesitate. She loved the taste of cum and apparently pussy as well now.

The four of us have been getting together twice a month for the last 10 years. We have grown close together. Sometimes Steve and I get together, or even Steve and my wife. We all are very open and tell each other when we are going to spend some one on one time with each other. But there is nothing better than when we all get together.