Night Swimming

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
Night Swimming

 Leah was late again getting home from work. She was the manager of a busy lingerie store in town and never able to make it to any parties on the weekend.

Labor day, the last /party/">party of the summer. Well, the last one we could go swimming at anyway. I through on my suit and headed up through the field. Its a nice walk to Maries' house, past the field and up in the woods. On the way I was already anticipating swimming my smooth round ass up against one of the jets and letting the water swish through to my clit. It was dark already and only a few drunk people would be stumbling around and doing cannonballs.

As I got closer, I started hearing the splashing sounds and a few giggles. When I got close enough to see, I realized there were still a bunch of people there and some of the /women/">women were topless. I decided to crouch behind a tree and take in the veiw. I saw my sisters friend Brenda, a full figured woman with fluffy /blonde/">blonde hair and /tits/huge-tits/">huge tits, jump up on the deck and say "My turn!!!". She smacked her plump jiggling ass down on the deck and spread her thick thighs. A line of about 4 people started in front of her red shaved pussy. First in line was my /sister/">sister. She forced Brendas legs open as far as they would go and started devouring her big horney cunt. Marie was shaking her head and moaning so loud I thought she would come just from eating her.

When Marie was pushed out of the way by my brother in law, Matt, she jumped up onto the deck and sat her /hairy/wet-hairy/hairy-wet-pussy/">hairy wet pussy right down on Brendas face and began grinding while she held a thick clump of Brendas blonde hair to keep her head in place. Matt was fingering the hell out of Brenda while he sucked her hard little clit and Brendas husband stroked her tits and his /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock at the same time. There was another woman over to the side a bit and I knew exactly what she was up to. She had her ass up to the jet and was enjoying the same clit swishing water I had hoped for. All of the sudden Marie fell off of Brendas face with a scream, holding her pussy and panting she said, "Lorna, your turn".

At this point my pussy was on fire and my clit was so hard I could feel it rubbing the crotch of my suit. I got up to the steps of the deck to see better and removed my suit. I rolled up my towel, put it between my legs, and squated down on my knees and began humping it as fast as I could. Brenda rolled over to get up just as I was losing control and yelled "Leah hasn't had a turn". Everyone looked over as I was humping furiously free porn movies download and my huge round tits were bouncing up and down. I quickley got up as Lorna took Brendas place on the deck. I put my /feet/">feet on each side of her head and lowered my wet throbbing pussy down to her open mouth. Lorna was the woman who stole my place on the jet. She was an incredible pussy eater! She shoved her tongue in mt dripping hot hole a few times and then went straight for my huge engorged clit sucking it like a tiny /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick. I was bucking back and forth like a wild horse and sreaming. I would pull up a little each time I got ready to come to prolong this incredible experience. Once I looked to my left I realized that my sister was fingering herself with one hand and squeezing and pulling her clit with the other while she stared and said "Yes, Yes, suck her fucking /hard/hard-clit/">hard clit, come on her face Leah, make me come, yes".

When I looked to my right my brother in law was standing inches from my face jerking his 10 inch wet cock that was as hard as a piece of metal. I took his /dick/huge-dick/">huge dick in my mouth and sucked until I gagged. I smashed my clit into full hd xvideo download Lornas sucking face, reached back and pinched her rock hard clit, and we exploded into dripping room spinning orgasms. Matt pulled his dick out at the same time and squirted his hot juicy load all over my /tits/huge-tits/huge-bouncing-tits/">huge bouncing tits.

When I recovered a little I looked to the left and saw my sister, Brenda, and Brendas hubby in a triangle 69. Marie sucking Brendas pussy, Brenda swallowing her mans /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock, and he had his tongue on Maries /hole/ass-hole/">ass hole rubbing her clit faster than I've ever seen. This was enought o make me and Lorna stick our hot wet cunts together and hump our clits into another juicy one.

When we all recovered, my sister smiled and jokingly said, "you work too much, see what you've been missing?!" I just thought...who needs the jet?!