The Wild Wild West Ch 1

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The Wild Wild West Ch 1

Finally, the end of the year and the much anticipated summer vacation. I finally graduated high school. I thought this day would never come. But it has and now here I am. 

My /friend/best-friend/">best friend Kimmie was going to go stay at here dad?s in Texas this summer and invited me to come along with her. I never have been to Texas, or anywhere for that matter. So we made our plans to go. 

Kimmie?s parents have been divorced for about 8 years. That?s when she moved here to Ohio. Her dad owns a ranch in El Paso, Texas. Kimmie told me about the land and all the horses that her dad has and breeds. I love horses, and I thought this would be an excellent place to go for the summer. Kimmie also told me about all the hot ranch hands that her dad had working for him on his land. She said that they were real cowboys. When she told me about them, I said ?yee haa, let?s go!?

Her dad picked us up at the airport. She introduced us, and we climbed in his pick-up truck. It was along ride to his ranch, but I didn?t mind, the land we drove through was just beautiful. My mom always told me that I was a country girl at heart. Now I knew what she was talking about.

I will be 19 years old in a month. I am about 5?4? tall, and weigh about 120 pounds. I have long thick wavy brown hair, and bright green eyes, like emeralds. Since I was a cheerleader in high school, my body was slender and slightly muscular, in a girl?s way. My breasts were full and round, and about a 34 C, with perky nipples that always seems to stand at full attention. alain lyle porn I have an hourglass figure with a tight round ass. Boys at my school say that I was a picture of perfection. Even the teachers couldn?t resist me. I worked at a water park as a lifeguard, so I have a kick ass tan. In the winter, I go to tanning beds to keep up on it. 

Enough about me, let?s get back to the story. We pulled into the gravel drive that leads back to the house. There were hundreds of acres of fenced in land with some of the most beautiful horses running. There were horse barns throughout the land. We drove by one that was on the right hand side of the drive, and we stopped. There were 3 men standing there working on a horse?s hooves.

Kimmie?s dad John got out of the truck and walked over to the fence. I had to get out and stretch my legs and look at the beautiful horses. The 3 men were hot looking with their tight denim jeans, and cowboy hats. The one bent down on one knee tending to the horse hoof looked up as John called to him. Wade was his name. That name just made me tingly all over. That name was very masculine and very cowboy.

Wade looked up and I thought he was an angel. He was gorgeous. He had a strong face with stubble lightly covering his chin and jaw line. He had thick black hair that hung a little long. When he stood up I saw his muscular body. He was about 6?2? and biceps that flexed as he took his hat off and wiped his forehead with the back of his hand. He had a white sleeveless T-shirt on. His jeans were so tight that I could see every curve and bulge that he had from the waste on down. His thighs were muscular. You could tell he was a hard working man. All the way down to his rugged cowboy boots. I took a deep breath and a low moan escaped from my slightly parted lips. I just had a mini orgasm, and wanted more.

Wade walked over to the fence, where John, Kimmie and myself stood. He looked over at me, and I couldn?t take my eyes off of him. He didn?t look away either. He had the most beautiful, deep brown eyes. It?s like I could see right into his soul. When he smiled, I think I had another mini orgasm. It was just absolutely divine. The corners of his eyes wrinkled just a little and his face just lit up. 

?Howdy John, how are ya,? he said in a sexy southern draw. He still hasn?t stopped looking at me. I don?t know if it was because I was probably rudely staring at him or if he felt the attraction between us.

?Just fine Wade, just came back from the airport from picking up my baby girl,? John said smiling, seeing what was transpiring between us.

Kimmie elbowed me, bringing me back to reality. Thank god, cause the fantasy I was just having would?ve ended up embarrassing me with a full thrown orgasm.

I looked over at Kimmie and she knew what was going on in my head. She smiled an evil smile and then looked at Wade. ?Hi Wade, how are you doing??

?Just fine little missy. My, how you grown. So, you?re out of school now I hear,? he stated still taking glances my way.

?Yes, finally thank God. This is my best friend in the world, Raven. She is going to spend the summer out here with me.?

I looked up at him again and he reached out and took my hand and kissed my knuckles. ?Well howdy Raven, welcome to El Paso. Do you like horses?? I almost died, right then and there. His lips were so soft and I think I felt a flicker of his tongue on the back of my knuckles. My knuckles felt like they were on fire at the touch of his lips. My head was swimming, with smell of his masculine scent, mixed with his cologne, the dust, and his hard working sweat. He seemed so close, I leaned in towards him. Thank God for the wooden post fence between us, or I would be in his arms right now.

Very faintly, I heard John?s voice. I really couldn?t make out what he was saying. Then I looked down and realized that Wade still had my hand in his. I could feel that my pussy was very wet. Then I felt Kimmie take a hold of my arm and was leading me back to the truck as I heard John say something about getting us to the house so that we could unpack.

?Well, O.K. then, see y?all later, and very nice to meet you Raven, hope to see ya around. When ever you want to ride, just come and find me and I will set you up with a fine stallion.

I looked back towards Wade and I saw what he was thinking, and I do say he wasn?t talking about any horse. That was all it took for me to have another orgasm, again. I glanced down between the wooden fence post to his crotch and realized, he had a worse problem then I did. He?s cock looked as if it was going to bust through his zipper. That not only increased my feeling, but also made my mouth water.


The house was a beautiful Victorian style house. It had a wrap around porch that went from one side of the house, around the front, and to the other side of the house. It was an older house but seemed to be updated on a regular basis. It was a two-floor home and it must have about 8 bedrooms it. In the backyard there was a very large in ground swimming pool. Just what I need right now, a good swim to cool myself off. That is the first place I am heading for, as soon as I get unpacked and find my swimsuit.

Kimmie showed me to my room, which was next to hers. There was a big king size canopy bed with a white lace with pink flowers canopy topper on it. The bedspread and the curtains all matched the canopy topper. There was an old fashion dresser in it and a brass vanity with a stool to match the rest of the room. It had rose colored carpet on the floor. It seems this room was decorated with me in mind. If I had a room like this, this would be exactly the way I would want it. It was absolutely beautiful.

I started to unpack and looking for my bathing suit. Someone knocked on my door and before I had a chance to say anything or answer it, in pounced Kimmie through the door. ?So, what do you think so far?? she asked inquisitively.

?I indian santali xvideo love it, it?s everything I imagined and more?, I said dreamy eyed.

?Raven, what in the hell happened to you back there? I mean just watching what was going on got me all hot and bothered, and I thought that you were going to jump him right then and there and ride him like a bucking horse?, she said teasingly.

?Oh my god, I don?t know what came over me. I couldn?t take my eyes off of him. Wade is the most beautiful creature I ever laid my eyes on?, I admitted. ?I have to tell you a secret Kimmie, and you have to promise not to laugh at me.? I paused for a second before I continued. ?I had like 5 mini orgasm just standing there next to him. Can you imagine what it would be like if we actually ?you know ? fucked??

She tried to contain herself, but it didn?t last very long. All of a sudden she just busted out laughing. I threw a rolled up pair of socks at her as I pretended to pout. ?You weren?t suppose to laugh?, and then I started to laugh right along with her. She began laughing so hard that she went to fall backwards on the bed, not realizing she was that close to the edge, she fell off. That just made us laugh even harder and more hysterical. We laughed so hard that we both began crying.

A knock came from the door. It was Nancy, Kimmie?s stepmother. I could barely say ?come in?. She opened the door and in walked this adorable woman. She was very pretty. I can see why John fell in love with her. She had blonde hair that was pulled into a ponytail. She had a nice figure for a woman of 45 years. Her smile was intoxicating. When she smiled it seemed the world revolved around it.

?Girls, lunch is ready, everyone will be coming in for lunch in about 15 minutes?, she said with a sweet accent.

My brows furrowed and I looked at Kimmie and back to Nancy. ?What do you mean everyone?? I asked confused.

Kimmie began to speak before Nancy, ?Nancy makes lunch for the whole crew. She likes to cook big meals and make sure the workers eat a fine home cooked meal. So all the workers, and I mean all the workers, literally comes home for lunch everyday.? She smiled at me with the biggest shit eaten grin I ever saw. 

I realized what she was saying. I licked my lips in anticipation and looked at Kimmie, and I began to smile. I felt my juices starting to flow between my legs, as my pussy started to ache. I looked over at Nancy and asked, ?is it O.K. if we put on our swimsuits and take a dip in the pool first before lunch?? I had to get cooled off before I see Wade again. This way I will have an excuse wearing my suit with my cover up to lunch.

?Certainly dear. Lunch will be in the backyard any ways because we are grilling out. My dining room isn?t big enough to fit everyone know how. And you guys did have a long trip, it will do you good to go cool off and freshen up before lunch.? After saying that she turned and left the room, closing the door behind her.